Gift Voucher Pro | Gift Vouchers for your Business
Gift Voucher Pro will increase your hotel, restaurant and spa Gift Voucher Sales. We enable hospitality, retail and other businesses to sell Gift Vouchers, experiences and products online. Selling Gift Vouchers online can more than double your sales. Our online Gift Voucher shop bolts seamlessly onto your website, providing e-vouchers to your guests. We also take care of Gift Voucher delivery and fulfilment.
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    • We create an attractive, responsive and secure gift voucher website for each client.


    • Our system bolts seamlessly onto your existing website and enables you to sell an unlimited range of gift vouchers, products and experiences through your own customisable online shop.


    • We take care of everything so you’re free from day-to-day gift voucher administration.


    • E-vouchers are sent instantly and we print, package and dispatch postal orders the same day.
      We can even print onto your existing branded gift voucher stationery.


    • We provide a web based management area with secure global access.


    • From here you can create & edit vouchers, view sales reports & marketing analytics, export customer data, and much more. Your management centre gives you complete control over your voucher system.



Taking your gift vouchers online will typically double voucher sales (some see a 500% increase).


Superfast and high ROI. An easy, affordable way to sell your gift experiences to customers online.


Accept international currency and cards with our system. We ship to anywhere in the world with multiple postal options.


Approximately 30% of vouchers are never redeemed and auto-expire. Instant revenue and bottom line profit.


Sell vouchers and tickets for your key calendar events. Maximise on sales during peak gift-giving periods.


Personalised vouchers, luxury and bespoke packaging maintains and enriches your brand further.


Revenue generated from your gift voucher sales is immediate and goes straight into your bank account.


Instant email voucher option captures revenue from customers wanting gifts in a hurry.


Avoid risk of staff & customer fraud. Vouchers are ‘5 laws safe’ with unique voucher ID’s and QR codes.

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    Customers browse your online gift shop through your own website and choose from a selection of customised gift vouchers. You can display as many as you like!


    Customers select how they would like their voucher to be issued – instant e-voucher, luxury gift wallet or presentation box. Payment is taken securely online and we take care of delivery.


    Customers redeem their gift card, paper or email voucher with you. You can decide how long their voucher is valid for. Generally 30% are never redeemed – pure profit!



    Initial set-up of Voucher Pro is easy, we can do it in 1 day! We design the system and brand it to match your business. Just add a “Gift Voucher” page or button to your website.


    Choose the vouchers you would like to sell online – an unlimited amount, ideal for upselling events and special offers. You can even sell products and tickets!


    Your online gift voucher shop is open! Share the link across social media, email newsletters and more to boost sales even further. Vouchers can even be purchased on social media.



Customers can receive electronic gift vouchers via email, saving you even more time. Your staff can print e-vouchers internally – taking care of in-person sales.


Voucher Pro has the functionality to sell products and experiences too. Our management system has stock control features to prompt re-ordering.


Download the app here – when customers present a voucher, simply scan their voucher with a smartphone or device, check the details and confirm redemption of the voucher.


We’re one of the only gift voucher systems with a responsive e-commerce platform – your shop is attractive and easy to use whether you’re browsing on desktop, tablet or phone.


Want to know your guest list and encourage tickets to be sold online too? With the flick of a switch, you can add event tickets to your online voucher shop.


Offer followers, fans and subscribers loyalty discounts and rewards – send targeted promotional codes via social media & email – our system will recognise.


Social sharing of your voucher shop is encouraged with ‘send a gift hint’. It also collects customer data from the ‘wisher’ and the recipient of the hint so you can use to upsell!


Voucher Pro can be configured to sell gift vouchers for 1 or 100 properties / venues / outlets. The system is perfect for both large scale and independent clients.


Voucher Pro is iFrame friendly so can sit within your Facebook page. This means your customers and fans can buy vouchers directly through your social media pages.


We use premium gift cards, paper, envelopes and boxes as standard. We can brand our range to your business and we also welcome you using bespoke options.


‘Like’, ‘Tweet’ & ‘Share’ buttons can be added next to each voucher, encouraging customers to share experiences across social media and attract further attention.


We have designed the system to be as efficient and intuitive as possible. It allows a shopper to purchase your voucher in 6 clicks or less, encouraging them through to check-out stage.


View and use valuable sales and marketing information – sales reports, customer data, marketing analytics and more. Auto-export and specific date range.


We take care of the entire set-up for you; from branding, available vouchers, packaging, fulfilment and payment gateway. We also add any new vouchers & shop admin.


Lots of vouchers or categories to add? No problem, we use an intelligent & responsive floating header to ensure an easy selection, quick sorting and simple navigation.


We collect the buyers details and recipients too. Emails and more can be automatically added to your existing customer database to grow your contacts and marketing lists.


Your management area is web based, which means you can access it anytime, from anywhere. Reception desk through to GM’s office and at home too.


Voucher adverts in your own voucher shop to promote & upsell most popular vouchers, upcoming events, special offers and more. Maximise sales during gift giving periods.


Voucher Pro uses a 256 bit SSL encryption on each installation. This is the same high level security that your bank uses. This ensures your customers are shopping safely with us.


We display a green SSL certificate (usually found in the address bar of your web browser) to notify your shoppers that the connection is secure and encourage them to shop at ease.


Nothing is more important than keeping your customer’s payment card data secure. We’re registered with Rapid SSL and support two factor authentication.


We’re one of the only gift voucher systems with a responsive e-commerce platform – your shop is attractive and easy to use whether you’re browsing on desktop, tablet or phone.


Certified to PCI Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. We have a backup if we need (also Level 1) or we can integrate with your own payment gateway.


Vouchers for staff, auction prizes, donations, raffles, complaint responses? We’ve built this feature in with restricted tiered access and monitoring as standard.


Through our intelligent management system, you can track the entire life cycle of each voucher – view customer details, set automatic expiry dates, view redemption details and more.


With Voucher Pro, the hassle of lost or stolen gift cards and vouchers is a thing of the past. We have full traceable details, so can simply cancel and re-issue the voucher on request.


Our offices are based in London and Exeter. We offer full online and offline support – a 24/7 technical help email address and an out of hours emergency telephone number.

Contact us for more information and book a demo today…


How many gift vouchers can you expect to sell?

Of course the answer to this question depends on the type of business you run. Voucher Pro is used across a wide range of businesses, from local independent restaurants capable of £10k plus in voucher sales per year, right through to large luxury hotel groups turning over more than £5m. Generally speaking the majority of businesses we look after are of a quality nature with multiple outlets (such as Hotels with Restaurants and Spas), and are capable of turning over £100,000.00 plus in voucher sales every year with very little effort at all. Typically we would expect to see your gift voucher sales double when you use Voucher Pro. Some are surprised by this figure, but there is good reason behind it… 1) your gift vouchers become available to buy 24/7; 2) you capture the last minute gift market; and 3) you make your products available to a very wide audience – plus many more! This means that businesses such as a small, local independent 30+ cover restaurants are even capable of growing their voucher sales to £10k upwards. One client has even seen a 500% growth in their voucher sales. See our case study for more details.

How long does it take to set-up?

1 day. Yes, it’s really that quick and simple to set-up. If you choose our Essential package, we have everything ready to get you selling gift vouchers online the same day. Remember even on our Essential package we still brand Voucher Pro to your business and all vouchers are customised. We take care of the entire set-up, including packaging and branding. You just let us know which vouchers you would like to sell online and we’ll get them uploaded. Things that really help us here are any images of your property/products/services that we can upload to the voucher, but don’t worry too much as we have a whole host of stock images that will take care of any blank spaces.

What are the exact costs?
  1. We operate on a low commission basis – this means we only benefit if you make money. That’s why we have complete satisfaction and success rates.  The more you make from gift vouchers, the less we charge. We can also bespoke our commission rates if you would rather a lower set-up cost or and vice-versa.
  2. A small, one-off set-up cost. If you have more than one property or need multiple voucher shops, we reduce the set-up charge and provide you with group rates.
  3. One minimal annual license fee per property. This covers basic admin charges from our outsourced suppliers on your behalf such as PCI compliance and SSL rates.



We don’t operate on monthly or annual charges for the usage of our system.
Voucher fulfilment is free to your business – we charge the customer directly for the postage option they choose (this appears on the same bill and is not separate from the voucher).
As part of voucher fulfilment, if you would like us to stock things such as stationary to print on, or products to ship we do charge a small monthly storage fee to cover our admin costs.

Remember there are no additional or hidden admin charges, you can contact us as many times as you like to add / remove / alter as many vouchers as you like. Why? Because its in both our and your interests to sell as many gift vouchers as possible. Simple, so we do everything we can to help you.

You've used a 3rd party / daily deal website in the past, can Voucher Pro maximise those sales?

Yes. Instead of constantly featuring on these websites, the smart option here is to utilise the information you collected from past / current guests that booked via these websites. You might have gathered databases from their booking information, confirmation emails from these websites or even from the guests directly on check-in. Now you have the opportunity to get these guests (and your other previous guests) returning. Use Voucher Pro to set-up your own offer (either hidden and just for these guests or public) and use your database to communicate it to them. This way they can follow the link – (it might even be the same offer they booked through the discount website last time) but book with you directly. This way, you don’t have to pay the high commission rates or provide the obligatory BAR guarantee. Everything is on your terms. Choose what offer you send and who you send the offer to. Increase your revenue efficiently and don’t damage your brands reputation by constant discounting.

Who takes the direct payment for gift vouchers?

You choose. We have two fully secure, Level 1 PCI compliant payment gateway providers. We use one as standard and have the 2nd as back-up just in case we need (this helps ensure our 99% uptime). This saves a huge amount of cost and hassle to you – you won’t need to arrange IMA’s, PCI compliance or SSL technology – we do all that for you and absorb the cost. We have also negotiated highly competitive card processing rates which again, we absorb – remember if you use your own payment gateway you’ll have to absorb these fees as the agreement will be with your bank. Some providers use 3rd party payment gateways – we do not. We want your customers to have an engaging, smooth and responsive experience so have built ours into the system. They do not navigate away from the voucher website. That said, if you would prefer to use your own provider, our packages do of course allow for this but you don’t get all the features such as… full responsiveness (your payment gateway provider might not be mobile friendly); UK based support (some 3rd party payment gateways are not UK based); highest security (remember our entire site is 256 bit secure – most use 128 bit); manual order checks (human checks via our Risk & Compliance team).

Can you promote special events through the online gift voucher shop?

Yes. This is just one of the great features from Voucher Pro and one of the quickest ways to seriously grow your revenue. If you run special events, anything from Mother’s Day lunch and seasonal DBB breaks, through to ticketed galas and balls, simply add them (either yourself or by contacting us) as vouchers to your shop and begin selling them online.
Boost sales and event attendance by sharing the individual link to each voucher or ticket with your social media followers or through mail shots, email marketing and even a simple QR code on flyers.
We can help with your marketing and event promotions too, just ask us how!

Does it integrate with existing tills / EPOS systems?

Yes. You can use Voucher Pro as a total standalone system or our Bespoke package allows you to integrate with your existing EPOS system. You can choose from paper gift vouchers where a unique ID and QR code feature to offer total security or you could opt for a plastic gift card. These usually have a magnetic strip that holds the unique information about the customer and voucher. Voucher cards can be programmed to integrate with your systems. Are you after something seriously unique? For a handful of clients we have worked creatively with them to develop a different kind of gift voucher – vouchers that begin an experience upon opening… ♦Personal vouchers printed on items unique to your venue/shop i.e. crockery, fabric, 3D printed item ♦Personalised URLs, intro movie and e-concierge areas, leading to booking screen and upselling area ♦Interactive brochure, personalised to the recipient on each printed page.

Is Voucher Pro a better option that featuring on a daily deals website?

Some of our most successful clients actually enjoy a healthy appearance on well chosen daily deal websites and heavily benefit from revenue generated through that channel.

There is an awful lot to consider within the question as hotel rooms, restaurant covers, spa days etc are all perishable items – you only get one chance at selling them which is why many operators turn to 3rd party discount websites to promote them. These companies can help drive growth, but, as part of a robust strategy, as typically their commission rates are around the 25% mark! Short-term growth via this method can be damaging… you’ll often be asked to guarantee them your best available rate (BAR) which can equate to a loss of revenue when taking into consideration the high commission factor. Once you start discounting, it’s very difficult to increase your rates and recover previously healthy average room rates, REVPAR etc.

Instead of constantly featuring on these websites, the smart option here is to utilise the information you collected from past / current guests that booked via these websites. You might have gathered databases from their booking information, confirmation emails from these websites or even from the guests directly on check-in. Now you have the opportunity to generate return visits from these guests (and your other previous guests). Use Voucher Pro to set-up your own offer (either hidden and just for these guests or public) and use your database to communicate it to them.

This way they can follow the link (it might even be the same offer they booked through the discount website last time) and book with you directly.
This saves you from having to pay the high commission rates or provide the obligatory BAR guarantee.
Everything is on your terms. Choose what offer you send and who you send the offer to.

Increase your revenue efficiently and don’t damage your brands reputation by constant discounting.

Who can use Voucher Pro?

Anyone. The majority of our clients are hotels, restaurants, spas, beauty clinics, leisure operators and retailers. We also provide services for those offering memberships, subscriptions, licenses and permits. That said, anyone who has something to sell – either a service or product, could benefit from Voucher Pro. It’s such a flexible system that we can manipulate it to your needs – if you have something wild and crazy or are not sure if it would work, get in touch and we’ll mock up a demo version for you!

Who adds / removes vouchers and maintains the gift voucher shop?

You choose. We will do as much as possible to help you sell gift vouchers. You’ll actually find that you don’t need to do a lot! Most businesses create a basic range of vouchers and just top up every so often with a seasonal selection – Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. Some have monetary vouchers only and do nothing at all – still the revenue rolls in! We can do all this for you – adding new vouchers, editing, removing – just send us a quick email with the voucher details you would like added/removed. Or of course Voucher Pro is easy enough for you to do this yourself through the management centre. We also offer you a robust set of standard terms & conditions that we would recommend you display with a discreet link at the foot of your voucher website. Of course, like everything about Voucher Pro, these are flexible, so do feel free to add your own or get us to do it for you.

Does Voucher Pro work on every platform?

Yes. Voucher Pro is a web based system. It’s built on a WordPress platform that is accessible on any browser, on any operating system, on any device. We’re also responsive, which means that we appear perfectly (and automatically adjusted) for anyone browsing on phone or tablet. In short – Voucher Pro is usable on every device, including mobile, tablet and desktop… It’s accessible from any operating system, including Apple iOS, Windows and more… And available on every browser, including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and more.

Is it really that simple to bolt onto an existing website?

Yes. All you need to do is add a gift voucher button or page on your existing website. Usually your website provider will do this for free and within a matter of moments. Alternatively we can contact them and take care of this for you. We then link Voucher Pro to the button or page and provide you with your very own online gift voucher shop. Your shop is accessible on your website and through your social media too (we can make it appear on your facebook page so fans can buy directly). Because Voucher Pro is responsive, it’s just as easy to shop online via phone and tablet as it is on desktop. You can boost visitors to your shop by sharing the new link to your gift voucher store across social media, email newsletters, mail shots and more. We can even produce a QR code for you to add to your brochure, mailings and flyers to take customers directly to your shop. We turn lookers into bookers, engaging your customers and turning those website hits into actual sales. Ask us about marketing if you would like some ideas or more information.

Can I use Voucher Pro even though I'm currently featuring on a daily deals or other promotional websites?

Yes. We understand that discount websites work for some businesses. But remember, the more customers you can get to visit your own website for the deal, the less commission you’ll pay to the discount 3rd party website. The smart option would be to create the same deal / discount / voucher on your own website and use Voucher Pro as your platform to do this. Enabling those customers to come directly to you to purchase the deal. You’d be surprised at how many buyers visit the venue website directly before purchasing the offer.

Will the online gift voucher shop look like your website?

Yes. We brand the Voucher Pro system to match your business and existing website. Have a look at some of our demo versions to see exactly how much the same system is able to adapt. We take the aesthetics of your existing website and mirror them on the Voucher Pro system. We always recommend keeping the smooth, image rich and minimal design of Voucher Pro as it is designed to get customers to the check-out stage. That said, if there are any features that you’re desperate to see, just let us know – remember we encourage bespoke solutions as we know each business is very different.

Why use Voucher Pro to sell your gift vouchers?

Cost wise… Quite simply we save you thousands of pounds. It would cost you a considerable amount of money to add an intelligent e-commerce system like this to your website. E-commerce is renown for its complexity to set-up, let alone the ongoing admin and maintenance of the system. On top of that, you would also have to source packaging, stationary and postage material. Then there is the storage of these items and the actual administration of accepting, printing and posting the orders – that requires staff and staff cost money. Voucher Pro also absorbs costs you might not have thought of – PCI compliance, SSL certificates, credit and debit card merchant charges – all of which you would need to source and pay yourself if using another system. With Voucher Pro, the hard work and major costs have already been taken care of. We provide you with a customised system and also take care of the costs and admin. Voucher Pro is simply a low cost e-commerce solution for your business.


Hot off the press, these demos have recently been configured for clients.


  • Each install is unique.
  • We design the gift voucher shop to match your branding.
  • Luxury packaging is supplied as standard.
  • We can provide branded bespoke options too.
  • Use existing Gift Voucher stationary if you already have set-up.
  • Display an unlimited gift vouchers, products and experiences within your shop.
  • Promote your online shop via other pages on your website, social media & email.
  • Include a QR code within direct mail shots and link customers to your shop.
  • Promote events & sell tickets online.
  • Export full guest list and automatically add contacts to marketing database.
  • We fulfil all your orders; by instant email gift vouchers and postal options too.
  • View all order details within the management area of your gift voucher system.
  • Use QR code feature to quickly scan and redeem your customers’ gift vouchers.
  • Keep track of outstanding and redeemed vouchers with our custom reports.

Contact us for more information and book a demo today…


How did this business increase their voucher sales by 500%?


Picture the scene; a family owned restaurant, 70 cover independent local favourite based in the heart of a city centre. Busy with lunch and dinner covers throughout the week and weekend, peaking on Friday and Saturday nights.

They were already selling gift vouchers, using money style vouchers – £10 got you £10 of voucher money to spend in the restaurant. You had to visit the restaurant to purchase the voucher and collect.

Take gift vouchers online...

We took their voucher sales online and immediately saw an increase in sales. This is mainly due to the fact that by doing so made them accessible to everyone visiting their website and also allowed total convenience for guests considering vouchers who didn’t have time to visit the restaurant in person.


We then put a strategy in place, as we do with all our clients to ensure everyone sees a significant rise in revenue. We worked with the restaurant to ascertain dates of events, special occasions, seasonal events and planned offers.


Once we had that information, we customised Voucher Pro accordingly. We uploaded Mother’s Day vouchers, Easter specials, private dining room hire, signature menu dishes, Christmas dining packages and New Year party tickets. We were savvy too with the marketing of the restaurant – we adapted website and external posts to include direct links to the voucher shop and also individual gift vouchers. That meant that on Mother’s Day Facebook posts, we included a link to the Mother’s Day section of the gift voucher shop. At Christmas, we were able to push Seasonal package gift links via Twitter and in our print advertising we would do the same by including a personalised QR code which when scanned would take the reader to the online shop.


This created a full online boutique shop for the restaurant and allowed their website visitors and loyal guests easy access to buy and instantly receive personalised vouchers as gifts. A tailored voucher (i.e. a Chateaubriand dinner for two) is much, much more personal and acceptable as a special gift when compared with a simple monetary voucher.


The customisation of the shop, constantly updated vouchers and appealing gifts saw the annual sales more than double for the client. The system really came to life in December though, with a 500% increase in sales. This was purely due to the restaurant now being able to capture the last minute gift market – perfect both those special personal presents and also for those running out of time. With the instant email voucher function, those searching for gifts after mid-December didn’t have to worry about postage restraints – they could rest assured the gift would arrive with them (literally in seconds via email) and they could opt to collect or have it posted as well!


More than £5 billion was spent on vouchers and gift cards in 2014.

40% of online orders are placed outside of business hours.

Taking vouchers online typically increases GV sales by 100%.

In 2014 alone, online gift card sales grew by an astonishing 8.07%.

On average customers spend 40% more than the value of the card.

On average 30% of gift vouchers are never redeemed.

Majority of buyers live within a 30 – 100 mile radius of your business.

78% of mobile searches for local business info result in purchase.

Most popular reason for purchase is Birthdays followed by Christmas.

Contact us for more information and book a demo today…