Gift Voucher Pro | How to increase your Gift Voucher Sales…
Gift Voucher Pro will increase your hotel, restaurant and spa Gift Voucher Sales. We enable hospitality, retail and other businesses to sell Gift Vouchers, experiences and products online. Selling Gift Vouchers online can more than double your sales. Our online Gift Voucher shop bolts seamlessly onto your website, providing e-vouchers to your guests. We also take care of Gift Voucher delivery and fulfilment.
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How to increase your Gift Voucher Sales…

How to increase your Gift Voucher Sales…

Many Hotel, Restaurant and Spa operators already appreciate the lucrative revenue line that Gift Voucher sales provide, with many quality hospitality establishments netting anywhere between £100k to £2 million in gift voucher sales every year.

Selling monetary and experience gift vouchers has become a firm no brainer in the hotel, restaurant and spa arena. With an average 30% of gift vouchers never redeemed (therefore revenue going straight to your bottom line) and a near zero cost of sales attached to them, which other revenue lines produce such profitable results?

However, we’re constantly surprised by the many hospitality businesses that already sell vouchers…why? Because they don’t sell their gift vouchers online, through their website.
Many hotels, restaurants and spas are still forcing their cash in hand, ready and willing, loyal customers and friends of guests to either visit their property or make a lengthy phone call in order to buy gift vouchers.

Even if that desperate shopper ever made it to the front desk, taking into consideration 1) the busy time of year, 2) our dear pre-occupied front of house staff, and 3) the infinitely ringing phone, it may well be that said shopper is then welcomed by a substantial wait in line until check-ins and seating guests has been completed. Our vision is a cost effective, efficient and friendly alternative!

Born out of the fairly uninspiring tradition is Gift Voucher Pro… a simple solution that can more than double your gift voucher sales as well as relieving all the above symptoms at the same time!
Designed by hoteliers, for hospitality businesses, Gift Voucher Pro has become the go-to solution to increase sales, reduce staff admin and satisfy your customers.

Making your gift vouchers available to buy online really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. We set-up and brand your own online gift shop and add it to your website. Your visitors choose from a selection of customised gift vouchers.
2. Customers select how they would like their voucher to be issued – instant e-voucher, luxury gift wallet or presentation box. Payment is taken securely.
3. Guests redeem their voucher. You scan their voucher with a smartphone or device, check the details and confirm redemption of the voucher.

The finer details…

• Taking your gift vouchers online will typically double voucher sales (some see a 500% increase).
• Approximately 30% of vouchers are never redeemed and auto-expire. Instant revenue and bottom line profit.
• Gift Voucher Pro installation costs are generally paid for by a fraction of the revenue generated from the 30% of un-redeemed vouchers. This makes our system self-sufficient, profitable and exponential return on investment.
• Customers can receive electronic gift vouchers via email, saving you even more time. Your staff can print e-vouchers internally – taking care of in-person sales.
Accept international currency and cards with our system. We ship to anywhere in the world with multiple postal options.
Sell vouchers and tickets for your key calendar events. Maximise on sales during peak gift-giving periods.
Personalised vouchers, luxury and bespoke packaging maintains and enriches your brand further.
• Revenue generated from your gift voucher sales is immediate and goes straight into your bank account.

Get in touch with us today for free, no strings attached advice on how to make more from your gift voucher sales.