Gift Voucher Pro | Just 8 weeks left to double your Christmas Gift Voucher Sales…
Gift Voucher Pro will increase your hotel, restaurant and spa Gift Voucher Sales. We enable hospitality, retail and other businesses to sell Gift Vouchers, experiences and products online. Selling Gift Vouchers online can more than double your sales. Our online Gift Voucher shop bolts seamlessly onto your website, providing e-vouchers to your guests. We also take care of Gift Voucher delivery and fulfilment.
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Just 8 weeks left to double your Christmas Gift Voucher Sales…

Just 8 weeks left to double your Christmas Gift Voucher Sales…

If you already sell Gift Vouchers, you’ll know that the next 56 days are your most important. The phones will light up and your front of house staff will be inundated with Gift Voucher admin. From selling, processing and posting, they’ll not see light at the end of the tunnel until the last shopping day of December! 

With so much effort being put into Gift Voucher sales during the festive season, we wanted to share with you some very quick and simple wins to help you potentially double or more your Gift Voucher sales this Christmas.


Why sell gift vouchers?


  • Generate revenue – medium size, quality hospitality businesses can generate anywhere between £100k to £2 million in gift voucher sales every year.
  • Double your sales (or more!) – Taking your gift vouchers online will typically double gift voucher sales (some businesses see a 500% increase).
  • Un-redeemed voucher profit – Approximately 30% of vouchers are never redeemed and automatically expire. Instant revenue and bottom line profit.
  • Super High ROI – Gift Vouchers are an easy, affordable way to sell your gift experiences to customers online with very little investment required.
  • Sell tickets online – Sell vouchers and tickets for your key calendar events. Maximise on sales during peak gift-giving periods.
  • Instant revenue – Revenue generated from your gift voucher sales is immediate and goes straight into your bank account.
  • Save payroll – with our 5 second QR code scan redemption, free your staff from the daily hassle of gift voucher admin. We do all the hard work so your team can concentrate on the core business.


How to potentially double (or more!) your annual gift voucher sales in 5 very easy steps!


  1. Reach all your customers by adding an online Gift Voucher system to your website. This acts like a ‘shop window’ and makes you accessible to all your guests and friends of guests (the ones that buy your vouchers for their loved ones!). It will also massively reduce the time your team spends on gift voucher admin, including picking up phone calls/emails and all postal/packaging requirements.
  2. Sell to your existing customers by including links to your online gift voucher shop within any correspondence. Email footers, Christmas newsletters & emails, direct mail, in-room collateral and even festive brochures are great places to display ‘adverts’ and links to your Gift Voucher shop. Use any databases you might have gathered to communicate with your guests and invite them to browse your online gift voucher shop.
  3. Promote your Gift Vouchers online by adding “buy a gift voucher” or “buy now” links and buttons across your website – i.e. if you have a spa treatments webpage, add a “buy gift voucher” button next to the most popular ones. Similarly, this can be done with popular hotel packages, seasonal offers, and restaurant pages too. We would always recommending adding a ‘Gift Vouchers” title and / or footer link to your website as well.
  4. Use Social Media to your advantage and shout about your Gift Vouchers. Include links to your online Gift Voucher shop and pictures of your vouchers too. You could even use our promo code feature to specifically target your avid fans with an offer code that will be recognised at check-out. I.e. 10% off Hotel Gift Vouchers to all Facebook fans on 1st You can easily track the success of the offer too through our management system or your analytics!
  5. Offer experiences, not just monetary vouchers. Research shows that consumers purchasing gifts prefer to select experiences or packages versus a monetary ‘price-tag’ option. Adding Hotel packages, Spa treatments & Restaurant set menus (i.e. all experience led gift vouchers) will encourage purchase of individual vouchers, help increase average spend as well as appearing more personal to the recipient.


Get in touch with us today for free, no strings attached advice on how to make more from your gift voucher sales.